January 16, 2024

Mastering the Long Distance Move -

Preparing Your Belongings

Part 2: Preparing Your Items: Expert Packing Tips and Tricks From Your Trusted Ann Arbor Long Distance Moving Company

Beginning a cross-country move is a significant task that requires meticulous planning and, even more importantly, effective packing. In this next installment of our series, "Mastering the Long-Distance Move," we are diving into the intricate art of preparing your belongings for a journey across the country. At the heart of this process is Corrigan Moving Systems, your trusted Ann Arbor long-distance moving company and partner, ready to guarantee that each beloved possession arrives at your new destination in the same condition it left. Let's explore packing tips and tricks that will not only streamline the process but also make your cross-country move a seamless and better organized experience with the renowned expertise of Corrigan Moving Systems.

Choosing whether to take care of packing by yourself or use Corrigan Moving Systems for professional packing services involves several factors. Here are vital elements to think about when making this decision.:

  1. Time Constraints:
    • If you a narrow moving window or limited time to prepare for the move, Corrigan's packing services can help you save precious time. Professional packers skillfully take care of the entire packing process, allowing you to concentrate on other important parts of the move.
  2. Packing Expertise:
    • Determine your ability to pack and expertise. If you're confident in your ability to pack fragile or valuable items safely, you might opt for a DIY approach. However, if you have doubts or want to ensure optimal safety for your belongings, Corrigan's experienced packers can provide the necessary piece of mind.
  3. Convenience and Stress Reduction:
    • Consider the convenience and reduced stress that come with professional packing services. Corrigan's packers are trained to handle any size and shape items, providing a smooth experience and peace of mind.
  4. Specialized Items:
    • Assess if there are specialized items such as antiques, artwork, or delicate collectibles. Corrigan's packers are experienced handling these valuable possessions, ensuring they’re packed with utmost care for the journey.
  5. Cost Considerations:
    • Look at the cost of professional packing services with the inevitable expenses of purchasing packing materials and dedicating time to pack by yourself. While professional services come with a cost, they can offer considerable time-saving benefits and minimize the risk of harming your items.
  6. Insurance Coverage:
    • Ask about the valuation coverage offered by Ann Arbor long distance moving companies for items packed by professionals. While do-it-yourself-packed items may be covered to a certain degree, items packed by professional movers often have greater coverage during transport.
  7. Volume and Size of Belongings:
    • Assess the volume and size of your items. If you have a substantial household with many items, professional packers can efficiently handle the packing process. For smaller moves, packing on your own might be more feasible.
  8. Personal Preferences:
    • Take into account your personal preferences and level of comfort. Some individuals choose the hands-on approach of packing their own belongings, while others enjoy the convenience and professional touch offered by professional packing services.
  9. Pre-Move Consultation:
    • Take advantage of our pre-move consultation. Discuss your specific expectations, worries, and preferences with a moving consultant. They can offer personalized advice on whether professional packing services line up with your individual requirements
  10. DIY Partial Packing:
    • If you favor a middle ground, ask about partial packing with Corrigan's guidance. You can pack some possessions yourself while relying on skilled packers for more difficult or fragile objects.

Ultimately, choosing to pack on your own or opt for Corrigan's professional packing services relies on your personal situation, preferences, and the specific requirements of your move. Corrigan's Ann Arbor team is ready to help and give advice based on your particular requirements.

Packing Your Belongings 

Have you chosen to pack your own boxes for your upcoming long distance move? Corrigan is here to assist that decision and offer as much guidance as you need to guarantee a safe transition. Here are our top tips and tricks for packing yourself:

1. Declutter Before You Pack:

  • Tip: Use Corrigan's pre-move consultation to assess and declutter your things.
  • Trick: Getting rid of possessions you don’t need anymore cuts down the work associated with packing and ensures you only transport what truly matters to your new home.

2. Invest in Quality Packing Supplies:

  • Tip: Make sure to only use sturdy, undamaged boxes or plastic totes. Do not use bags or open topped boxes on your long distance move.
  • Trick: Using Corrigan-approved packing supplies protects your possessions during the trip, cutting the risk of damage.

4. Label Every Box Clearly:

  • Tip: Put your last name, room name, and contents on the side of each box you pack (not on the top – because you cannot view the information when boxes are stacked).
  • Trick: This ensures smooth identification of essentials, prioritized unpacking, and guarantees boxes find their way in the right place.

5. Use Small Boxes for Heavy Items:

  • Tip: The more compact the box, the the more it can weigh. The larger the box, the lighter it should be.
  • Trick: This makes sure not only easier lifting and carrying but also prevents boxes from breaking during transit.

6. Wrap Fragile Items Carefully:

  • Tip: Use tissue paper to help wrap and protect delicate belongings.
  • Trick: Your attention to fragile possessions ensures they’re properly protected to survive the challenges of a long-distance trip.

7. Consider Corrigan's Professional Packing Services:

  • Tip: Take advantage of our skilled packing services for a smooth experience.
  • Trick: Professional packers from Corrigan possess the skills to deal with belongings of all shapes and sizes, guaranteeing everything is safely packed for the long haul.

8. Pack an Essentials Box with Corrigan:

  • Tip: Collaborate with Corrigan to prepare a box with necessary items you'll need immediately upon arrival.
  • Trick: This could include personal care items, a fresh set of garments, crucial papers, and any other items important for the first day in your new home.

As you experience the intricate process of packing for a long-distance move, remember that Corrigan Moving Systems is here to be more than just a long distance moving company. We’re your dedicated companions in making this transition as effortless, secure, and stress-free as possible. Stay tuned for the next segment in our series, where we'll explore the journey itself and how Corrigan Moving Systems ensures your belongings reach their new home safely.

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