Ann Arbor Warehousing and Asset Management

When you are looking to expand your business operations, explore partnering with experienced warehousing and asset management solutions. At Corrigan Moving, we created a proprietary web-based warehouse asset management system, entirely customizable to serve the requisites of all of our clients. When using our platform and our warehouse storage solutions, you will achieve full product visibility, and access to the real-time online portal system. This will make it easier to keep track off and execute digital service requests.

The perfect Ann Arbor warehousing partner regardless of where in the nation your assets are

Our warehouse management system is active at all of our 13 warehouse locations. Additionally, we are able to implement this system at any of our 3rd party warehouses all through the nation. Along with our experienced warehousing staff, this WMS will aid you in opening or closing a location, change product vendors on the fly, or even install new assets. We can help you store, sort, control, receive, protect, and ship any of your products wherever they need to go. Simultaneously, you will benefit from the entire visibility of your products.

Our inclusive warehousing solutions are available in all main U.S. markets. Throughout the Great Lakes area, we operate over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space. Additionally, we are a member of the United cooperative permitting us to join with the finest warehouses countrywide. This means that you will have access to an unrivaled choice of warehouses to choose from. All of the warehouses, be they Corrigan Moving owned or our associates, undertake a rigorous screening process. Our cooperative member warehouses all feature advanced intrusion and fire suppression systems.


A business that always does the right thing

At the heart of all the things we do is a meaningful guiding principle, a memento from our founder Frank The Chief Corrigan. He believed that the best companies "Always do the right thing!". Corrigan Moving was established on this very principle, and we continue to teach it even after all these years. For over 90 years, we have been delivering moving and warehouse services to our neighbors with this ideal as a priority.

How is Corrigan Moving different from other logistics and commercial moving companies you might come across? The answer is simple, we are professionals that comply with the highest values. We do not contract with any day laborers, as we know they simply cannot provide an excellent experience to our clients. 

Storage solutions

Corrigan Moving’s warehousing options, including wooden vaults and traditional racking provide a personalized choice for our customers. If you are looking for a particular option to store your equipment, our storage solutions can offer you all the warehousing space you might require. Our warehouse staff is there to personally inventory, manage, and ship your items inside our storage vaults or on racking, including extremely large items and fragile products.


Other solutions

If you have to relocate your office or company in a smooth, safe, and quick way, all you need to do is contact us. We can deliver for you:

Logistics Solutions

Important to note are our logistics solutions. They supplement our asset management services. Corrigan Logistics is an asset-based, full-service logistics company that offers an extensive collection of asset management tools to aid your company increase and prosper. We can also provide you with specially designed transportation and warehousing services, and manage high-value assets, trade shows and exhibitions, and special commodities.

Corrigan Moving can be your exclusive solution for all your warehousing and asset management needs. You only need to tell us what your business requires, and we will find the most efficient plan. Our in-house staff is skilled and capable in the de-installation, transportation, as well as installation, allowing us to accomplish any move or installation at the last minute.


No matter if you are in need of a storage solution, a WMS, or to relocate your business to another location, you can depend on Corrigan Moving to take care of you. Get in touch today and expand your business operations!

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