The Corrigan Story

Our story is one of family

Frank “The Chief” Corrigan relocated to Dearborn, Michigan, in 1923, enticed by the $5 daily salary given by Ford Motor Company. At Ford, Frank worked 3rd shift on the Ford farms carrying out a variety of various jobs – sometimes even chauffeuring Henry Ford himself. The Chief was motivated, and during the day when he wasn’t employed at Ford he sustained an ice delivery company with his brother. When the Great Depression hit, Frank operated his trucks to assist families forced from their homes relocate their possessions.

And thus, Corrigan Moving Systems was born.

World War II gave rise to a new challenge to Frank and Corrigan Moving because of the struggle finding workers during the WWII years. Frank’s eldest son, Paul Corrigan, was called back from the Air Force in 1945 to aid his family and the family business. Paul had always dreamed of going to college. Instead, he took over the company, putting himself through what he named the “school of hard knocks”.

Paul proved to be a gifted leader, and under his direction Corrigan started to advance. In 1949, Corrigan joined United Van Lines because joining an agency-owned van line appealed to Paul. The co-op structure provides family-owned companies, like Corrigan, control over the future of the van line.

Over the following four decades, the Corrigan family grew beside the company. Paul married Kathleen O’Hehir in 1954 and together they raised six kids. As they grew up, all six kids worked at Corrigan in some capacity, either on the trucks or in the office.

In 1969 Corrigan opened its second location in Ann Arbor, Michigan and operated as a two-location business for the next 15 years. In 1984, it started a quick eight-year growth and investment phase. New branches were opened in Auburn Hills, Toledo, Flint, Bay City and Grand Rapids. In 1987, Corrigan purchased a new warehouse facility in Farmington Hills and moved their home office from the Dearborn office.

In 1995, the third generation took over the executive positions in the organization.

Corrigan Moving has always embraced growth opportunities that would help improve its quality and service reach. Two excellent possibilities presented themselves to David Corrigan, and so, in 2003, a location was added in Rochester, New York. Then a Chicago, Illinois location followed in 2006. These were the first Corrigan branches established in these states. Greater advancement brought an office in Cleveland, Ohio; and in 2018, a branch was opened in Buffalo, New York. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania branch joined in 2022.

As Corrigan has advanced, it has also advanced its offerings. A long way from hauling ice, Corrigan now delivers a wide variety of services including household goods relocation, commercial and office relocations, record storage, systems furniture assembly and disassembly, logistics, and international freight forwarding.

Today, the Corrigan team continues to live by Frank’s founding code of ethics. And thanks to that, we have grown into the most distinguished moving company nationwide.

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