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Recent surveys advise that one in eleven Americans will be in need of storage during their relocation. Storage is a huge industry that continues expanding yearly. Since odds are likely that you will end up in need of storage when you move, we here at Corrigan Moving know storage is an essential part of the services we offer. We own storage facilities in Ann Arbor. Residents advise Corrigan Moving’s storage locations are clean and safe, as they ensure full protection for your delicate items. Reach out for all the relevant details related to our storage solutions. Our skilled professionals will gladly help you choose the best storage solution for your situation.


We provide complete protection for your precious possessions

Just like moving your items, storing them is just as crucial when preserving your most valued possessions. Goods that are placed inside inappropriate storage facilities oftentimes get damaged because of too much humidity or pests. At Corrigan Moving, we take our pledge to you seriously, and we strive to provide you with greatness every step of the way. So, we routinely inspect to check all nooks and crannies that may pose a source of problems for your belongings.

Our warehouse storage locations in Ann Arbor are totally secured and under surveillance every minute of the day. With constant surveillance, you can have peace of mind that your belongings are safely stored within our warehouse. Corrigan Moving’s inside storage solutions provide an added layer of protection from extreme temperature fluctuations as well as any wrongdoing. That is why our next goal was to be certain that there are no rodents or insects on our inside our facilities.

With consistent insect and rodent monitoring of our facilities, we will assuredly keep unwanted company far away from your unit. Corrigan Moving is obsessive about the degree of cleanliness in and around our facilities. Our guarantee of keeping our property pest-free ensures that you are not greeted by any negative surprises once you unpack your stored items.


Protect a wide range of belongings inside storage vaults Ann Arbor residents rave about

There are many different reasons that may make you research a storage solution in Michigan. From transferring to renovating your house, chances are high that you will need to look for storage solutions in the near future. Whether you need to store household or office furniture, as we can steer you toward the right solution, as soon as you contact us.

Corrigan Moving has several storage options in Ann Arbor. Our storage vaults can easily house common household furniture, appliances, souvenirs, but also larger goods, such as motorcycles. In fact, the lone belongings that we can’t store are the ones that are listed on the page of non-allowables inside storage. We will gladly aid in your decision about whether an belonging that you own is dangerous, meaning that it cannot be stored in Ann Arbor.

Additionally, we can offer both extended and brief storage options for you. We are an adaptable moving company that is dedicated to making sure you receive as much help as you need. Therefore, you can depend on us to aid you with selecting the optimal storage option for your needs. You have our entire staff of skilled professionals ready to answer your questions whenever necessary.


We will protect and load your possessions into storage

While it might not seem like it at first, loading your items in storage can be time consuming. It involves labeling and sorting the belongings you want to store, loading your storage items, and then driving them to the storage location. With a full-time job, many folks don't have the luxury of dedicating all of this time to the moving and storage project. Once again, you can get all the aid you deserve from our Corrigan Moving experts.

We see to it that we properly pad wrap your goods, ensuring an increased level of safety when in storage. Our experts will also take it upon ourselves to place your belongings into the storage vault. We plan to absolve you from as many duties and requirements as we can, allowing you to enjoy your relocation and storage process.

Corrigan Moving puts specialized moving services at your disposal

Relocation and storage are two processes that frequently go hand in hand. If you are currently in need of a storage option, chances are high that you are also calling around for relocation services in Ann Arbor. As a business with a background that dates back to 1929, we have specialize in a wide range of relocation options in Ann Arbor. These days, you can rely on our team when searching for or requiring:

You can combine our storage services with our relocation services, or you can choose one or another. With Corrigan Moving, you are in absolute charge of the operation. Your sole role is to request a no-charge relocation estimate – we will handle it from there.


Call Corrigan Moving and ensure your belongings safe while in storage

The only purpose of our storage facilities is to supply a optimal protective area for your items. Once your items are in the possession at one of Corrigan Moving’s Ann Arbor warehouse locations, you won't need to toss and turn all night, thinking about your goods in storage. We here at Corrigan Moving will oversee that your possessions enjoy the best protection, in a safe warehouse. Feel free to reach out and ask about the different storage strategies we have to offer.

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