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Moving a laboratory can feel like an unnerving process. Not only due to the scope of the plan - but due to the fact that it demands urgency and efficiency, twenty-four-seven23. Knowledge, expertise, and reliability are imperative. That’s why the critical option is hiring highly-rated laboratory equipment movers. When you are seeking the finest, Corrigan Moving stands out among all others. As experienced professionals, we are particularly qualified to conduct this precise work. We have the experience and resources to make your move protected and quick. Call today and make sure you have a ideal move for your laboratory.

We use the same methodical approach for every lab relocation

Each laboratory move is complicated and distinctive. Our lab professionals won't hesitate to alter our solutions to make them fit your requirements. We will be a team with you to create a strategy that solves your laboratory’s requirements and standards. After you are pleased with the plan, we'll handle the complete move - from origin to destination. This includes:

  • Workflow management and planning logistics
  • Furnishing needed tools
  • Managing the right specialists composition for your job
  • Making sure safety protections are in place
  • Safeguarding your lab equipment for shipping
  • Planning safe transportation routes

That is why when the shipping day arrives, you'll have no worries. You can focus all your attention on your job or kick up your feet and do nothing.


Our lab equipment movers have everything required for your seamless transition

Over the past many years, we have become the prime choice of many renowned R&D, academic, and commercial laboratories. Not exclusively because of our stellar reputation, but because we prioritize quality and reliability above everything else.

  • 90+ years in the industry gave us noteworthy understanding into the required skills of moving. We understand what to foresee and how to prevent potential challenges before they come up.
  • We exhibit some of the best-trained laboratory equipment movers countrywide. The kind that can finish the job efficiently and securely.
  • We’re staying current. Our experts continuously improve our methods and tools to go beyond typical industry standards.
  • Directness is one of our major characteristics. You can count on a faithful moving estimate, with no hidden pricing.
  • Client satisfaction is always our focus. To make sure of it, we make every effort.
  • High versatility is the mainstay of our services. We customize them to accommodate your needs.

When you engage our aid, you're gaining more than simple laboratory equipment movers. You're receiving top-quality moving aid, focused around your goals. Our laboratory movers will complete the job – timely, within budget and to the highest quality requirements.


We can move your lab equipment to any destination

The high cost and delicacy of laboratory equipment makes them difficult to move. The difficulties only get bigger as the distance you're moving increases. It is necessary to partner with the most reliable laboratory movers you can find. Corrigan Moving is the right pick.

For decades, we continue to work with leading research & development, academic and commercial labs throughout the US. We honed our methods, accumulated knowledge, and gained adequate experience along the way.

With Corrigan Moving, you can relocate your laboratory nearby or across the country, with the same ease.


Laboratory movers with 90+ years of moving history

Corrigan Moving is amongst the most enduring moving companies countrywide. Starting our founding in 1929, we’ve come a long way and we increased both in number and expertise. Our service solutions grew to comprise:

These days, we are one of the biggest moving services providers in the country. We boast a reputation of quality and consistency, among clients and peers alike. Even with all this, we are a family business first. Virtues of trustworthiness, persistence, and the obligation to always do the right thing are fundamentally ingrained in our roots. These characteristics define us and push us to always raise the bar. With Corrigan Moving, you have a dependable partner, ready to go above and beyond to be sure of your laboratory move is executed to your fulfillment


Ensure your safe transition with Corrigan Moving’s laboratory equipment movers

Moving is a tumultuous time for any laboratory. When your research and development depends on the apparatuses, samples, and solutions arriving safely - the stakes become higher yet. it is not just the profit margin or prestige of your lab at stake; it's very continuation. Do not chance it with mediocre ideas and people with no experience with labs. Contact Corrigan Moving and allow the best laboratory equipment movers give you confidence.

Begin planning your stress-free move with our resource library

Look through our hand-picked collection of resource articles designed to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.

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