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Picking Your Employee Relocation Services Partner

How to Select An Employee Relocation Services Provider

When choosing a moving and storage an associate for your employee relocation program, it’s significant to watch at the traditional qualifications such as economic position and abilities. When those qualifications are united, see beyond the numbers and to what makes them a good partner for your employee relocation program.

  • What is the organization’s custom, do they share the same values?
  • What does client assistance represent to them?
  • How is status support substantiated?

Culture and Values

How your employee relocation services associate respects their staff will likely have an effect on the overall assistance you should wait for your transferees and first contracts. The level of confidence and estimation that is offered by a service associate is the base upon which its employees will do. As a fourth-generation family owned and worked company, Corrigan’s employees are more than only staff, they’re proudly a member of the Corrigan family. Corrigan’s appreciated employees have acquired the highest individual recognition and recognition probable from United Van Lines – various of them more than once!

At Corrigan we openly believe that our people are our recognizer and the assistance they deliver is a contemplation of the respect offered and assurance instilled in every and any employee of Corrigan. All moving and storage organizations have warehouses, every person has trucks, and every person has instruments. It’s the Corrigan people that make a variation, from the leading edges of a relocation to the back-end office operate, Corrigan’s staff really protect about what they’re performing, and it demonstrate between any employee relocation done before.

Customer Services

Let’s face it, a lot of front time is offered to consumer assistance which, founded on perception and expectation, might be fully an arbitrary thing. So, what entirely does ideal client support mean to your employee relocation service affiliate and how is ideal consumer support provided?

Consumer support is instilled all over Corrigan. If it’s our forefront service suppliers performing directly in the domiciles of our customers, or our crews working beyond the segment handling the billing or technology for Corrigan, customer service is provided at every and each chance with each relocation done.

  • Home Survey

    As your selected relocation services associate, Corrigan will supply either a common domicile inspection or virtual review. With people counting more and more on engineering science, virtual inspections are conforming the preferred method of reviewing. Corrigan’s coached and dedicated inspection crew control the corporations in providing precise virtual surveys. We understand this is true, because we frequently monitor estimated weight in correlation to actual weight when the relocation occurs as we perform to develop our skills and inspection process.
  • Estimate Review

    Once the home survey is done and the estimate for assistance is adapted, a partner of the Corrigan staff will inspect the cost for support and council the transferee on their spending. We are committed, as your employee relocation services supplier, to verify the integrity of your relocation program while offering the condition services Corrigan is known for. Our staff will work to give every transferee with options that will assist them stay within budget.
  • Pre-Relocation Counseling

    Every transferee will be assigned an exclusive move manager who will work straightforward with him/her all over each situation of the relocation. Corrigan offers in progress training through the United Van Lines web as well as in-house for our relocate supervisors. Rest assured, as your picked employee relocation services associate, Corrigan’s staff move managers are some of the top in the corporations and have been accepted on more than one moment for being the finest within the United Van Lines system of agents!
  • Pack, Load and Delivery Day

    We are joyful to be an associate of an an exclusive category of moving and warehouse companies nationwide that are determined to continually training our front-line assistance givers. Across the Kathleen Corrigan Coaching Site, workers studies the foundations of relocating organizations prior to arriving at a customer’s house. No other relocating company provides the level of hands-on instructing that the Corrigan Academy gives.

With Corrigan as your preferred employee relocation services affiliate, you should rest assured that you have a well-rounded staff of coached professionals performing both for you and for your first contracts and transferees. From the initial contact to the final delivery, as your employee relocation services supplier, Corrigan’s team of specialists will operate side-by-side with your transferees to guarantee they have the facts they need when they want it. When our consumers say, “…this was the best move ever!,” we know we’ve supplied a good level employee relocation and good client assistance!

Quality Support

Corrigan pleasures itself on delivering status assistance with every movement. We are a dedicated employee relocation services supplier with in progress quality ambitions. Corrigan strongly believes that our capability to continually elevate the moving experience is established on our ability to captivate, coach and reinstruct the appropriate in the moving organization.

Worker advance and development is taken actively all over the Corrigan corporation. Each associate of our staff undergoes a considerable background examine, done with pre-employment and random drug testing. We’ve also built a state-of-the-art moving simulation subject within our facility to guarantee our crews are equipped with the demanded skills and know-how to guide our consumers across the moving activity ahead of entering the field. Our complete team of experienced, very trained and committed team is dedicated to elevating the industry foundation.

Our staff have the coaching and tools to deliver the high condition assistance Corrigan is known for. Maintaining and financing in quality equipment is a necessary organization practice for all relocating and storage companies. Corrigan considers its annual capital investments a working necessity as well as a recruitment opportunity for retaining operators and crew.

Multiple areas must be considered when choosing the appropriate employee relocation service partner for your organization. Beyond the basic concepts of procuring a organization partner, it is relevant to consider your prospective partner’s implement moral and tradition as well as how they define high condition and consumer assistance. Identifying some of the prospective affiliate’s business foundations should show to be a valuable effort when choosing the ideal employee relocation services giver.

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