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In the constantly changing and evolving business world, time management and productivity are two key attributes that lead to success. Business moving is just the same, as it requires efficient handling of moving tasks while adhering to a specific timetable. At Corrigan Moving we have 93 years of experience in commercial moving. We have satisfactorily relocated different types of companies, industry-distinctive equipment, and government organizations. Reach out to connect with essential insight into the ins-and-outs of what our commercial movers in Ann Arbor can do for your approaching commercial move. It will be our task to provide you with a moving estimate that tackles all your requirements.

Commercial moving in Ann Arbor made easy with Corrigan Moving

When you are faced with relocating your organization to a new location in a matter of days or weeks, Corrigan Moving can make sure that the entire process is seamless and streamlined. We have valuable experience with the move of different industries of businesses. We can offer assistance with:

In our rich experience, that accounts for more than 90 years in the business, we have successfully handled many of interesting moves. Our Ann Arbor commercial movers have moved heavy machines, industry-specific equipment, and worked within unique project plans. We have full certainty that we will be able to find a tailor-made solution for each of your commercial moving requirements. Understand that Corrigan Moving can handle projects both large and little. When it comes to commercial moving, even the seemingly straightforward tasks require advanced preparation, but our committed crew of commercial moving professionals know how to overcome it all.


Diminish break in workflow with our team in charge

The leading problems all business owners fear when facing a commercial move is business stoppage. Relocating only your office or a whole facility to a new location is will cause some idle time for your business. Our commercial movers in Ann Arbor will be sure that the length of time that your company spends between workspaces is reduced to a minimum. We will make sure you get back to your expected business operations, and all our efforts will be fixed on that mission.

Corrigan Moving hires qualified moving professionals who are passionate for what they do. With our group, you will have peace of mind recognizing that all the movers at your building have been trained in our in-house training warehouse. Every employee that signs on with our organization will commit time learning all the details of the commercial moving business. Of course, specialized moving crews receive advanced training, as we take no chances when it comes to the protection of your furniture and equipment. As a business that got started in 1929, we recognize that we have a high bar to meet. That's why we continually invest training into the knowledge and skills of our moving experts.


We tailor customized commercial moving plans for each of our clients

We focus on creating a uniquely bespoke moving plan for your commercial relocation. Our group of project managers will visit your location and, with your collaboration, determine the specifications of your relocation. As soon as we effectively gain the information into your moving requirements, we will create a customized moving plan. That plan has a particular purpose - it makes sure every person involved in the relocation to work together in unison.

Remember that a personalized moving plan is the backbone in all of our services. If you want to gain access to a unique moving plan, start by requesting a no-obligation quote from us. Our team will calculate an accurate price, removing any unfortunate moving-day surprises.


Corrigan Moving is experienced in a range of fields

Our commercial moving services are simply the surface level when looking at the commercial industries we concentrate on. Today, Corrigan Moving’s customers can receive the much-needed assistance within these fields:

All our specialized industry services have something in common - they come with enthusiastic and dedicated teams. Our tailored moving services are created to be solutions to your personalized moving needs. We strive to provide an open line of communication with all of our customers, as that is the only way to prevent any problems that occur due to miscommunication.


Experience a productive commercial relocation by reaching out to us

Regardless if you are relocation on without much time to plan or have more than enough time to dedicate to moving preparation, you ought to reach out to us. Corrigan Moving has been in the industry since 1929. Our specialty with commercial moving projects of many unique types is why we can create the optimal scope of work. Our team will begin by putting together accurate pricing, after which you can schedule your moving timetable with us.

Regardless of where you are, or where you are going, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations will take you wherever you want to move across the globe.

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