June 13, 2022

Moving is a Breeze with Corrigan Moving


Moving can be one of the most thrilling things one can do in their lifetime. Here at Corrigan, our job is to make your move as simple as it can possibly be. From the “For Sale” sign going in your yard to the final box unpacked in your new home, Corrigan Moving is with you each and every step of the way. As industry leaders, we’re here to share our expert tips for a relaxed relocation.


Prior to Listing Your Home

What is a realtor’s favorite advice? Declutter! While listing your home, your realtor can give you tips for staging and making your house look magazine worthy. Below are helpful tips from homeowners and how Corrigan Moving can help!

  1. Boxes for decluttering! Were you aware that Corrigan customers can receive free used boxes when scheduling their move*? If available, our customers can pick up various sized boxes at no charge. Our offices also have a variety of supplies for purchase, such as packing paper, bubble wrap and tape. Start with packing and decluttering before your realtor takes your home photos and make your house most desirable in the pictures. Lots of our customers reach out to Corrigan and schedule a move date before listing their house for this reason. Moving dates may be changed once your home is under contract, so take advantage of as many advantages as you can!
  2. Is the garage a mess? Wardrobe boxes may be your solution! Wardrobe boxes are tall and large, perfect for handling large things. Keep the top of the wardrobe box open to organize and store long handled yard tools, sports equipment, and children’s toys. This is sure to make your garage look cleaner and bigger with minimal effort! Click here to learn more about wardrobe boxes.
  3. Repair your walls like a professional. If you have nail holes or painted walls that need touched up, make sure to do repairs prior to your real-estate pictures. Needing to match paint colors? With a small knife (be careful!), shallowly cut a quarter size hole from the top layer of paint. It is best to do this from a concealed area, like behind furniture or a low corner. Then take that small paint sample to your local hardware store or paint shop, where they can match your paint color precisely. With a drywall patch kit, touch up your holes and paint with your perfectly matched touch up paint. Good as new! Here is a sample demonstration of how to get the perfect paint piece.

During Showings

Once your home is listed, you will spend time away to allow buyers walk through and visualize themselves living there. Several homeowners who have used Corrigan Moving have given us tips that make the trips away during showings easier.

  1. Pack a suitcase. During showings, many homeowners want to have their valuables and personal documents secure. Many customers have found packing a small suitcase with these items to be a convenient way to grab and go during a showing.
  2. Find a local pet daycare. Cats and dogs will also require a place to stay during showings. Finding a local doggy daycare or daily pet care facility is a great way to keep your pets happy and safe.
  3. Entertain the kids! Parents know getting small kids out the door can be a challenge. Packing a backpack with games, small toys or art supplies can be a great way to keep kids entertained and happy when frequently leaving the home.
  4. Free, free, free! Find free ways to pass the time during showings. If showings are scheduled back-to-back, you could find yourself away for hours at a time. Going to your local farmers market, library or parks are free and easy ways to pass the time. If you are moving nearby, consider booking a guided tour throughout your new city. Even if you’re no stranger with your new town, you might be surprised by learning new and exciting history!

Offer: Accepted!

Congratulations! Once your home is under contract, the real work begins. If you have not contacted Corrigan Moving yet for an in-home or virtual estimate, now is the time! Your Corrigan representative will create a custom moving quote based on the services you’re looking for. Below are some things to consider before your move consultation.

  1. Decide who’s packing. Corrigan Moving can provide full packing service. We also can provide packing on a smaller scale, such as boxing up only mattresses, TVs or fragile items. Decide whether there’s anything you want Corrigan to pack or if you’ll handle everything yourself before your move consultant arrives. For more details on packing yourself, click here.
  2. Decide what’s you are moving. Having a plan for items to move ahead of your move survey is vital to acquiring an accurate estimate. A Corrigan sales representative will go room by room throughout your home to establish a complete and detailed inventory to accurately estimate the scope of your move. Your move inventory can always be changed, but you’ll want to have an understanding of what items you prefer to have handled by Corrigan.
  3. Identify donation locations. For those items you would like to donate, investigate local thrift stores and secondhand shops. Many offer free pickup services for donated items, but these can be booked weeks ahead. Plan ahead and schedule the donation pickup prior to the move date. Corrigan is proud to support Habitat for Humanity, who has several locations offering free donation pick up.
  4. Know what can and cannot be moved. Moving companies cannot transport items such as chemicals, gasoline containers or anything caustic (a comprehensive list of prohibited items can be found here). Your city may have resources or a local return drive where they will accept hazardous items and electronics for proper disposal. Waste Management has more information for properly disposing of hazardous household items.

New Home Sweet Home

You’ve done it! It’s your first evening in your new house. Where do you embark on the mass of boxes? Here are some suggestions to make your first night in the new house a fun and effortless transition for everyone.

  1. Pack bedding separately. The one thing you want to do following a long move day is hunt for your bedding. Packing clean, fresh sheets and bedding in a bag will make them unchallenging to find to make the bed when you are about to hit the hay.
  2. Pack an “open first” box. Having a box full of the basics will make the first night a walk in the park. Suggested items include, might be bar soap, toilet paper, paper towels and plates and utensils. Having a small new activity, like a coloring book or puzzle for kids is a great way to keep them occupied as you’re settling in. Do not forget a new toy or treats for your pets!
  3. Order in! Your first dinner in your new house is one to celebrate. Begin making memories by ordering in from a local restaurant and enjoy finding new places to dine.
  4. Stroll through your new neighborhood. You’ve earned a pause! Walking around your new neighborhood is a wonderful way to take a mental break, meet new friends and explore your new surroundings.

We are more than a moving company. We’re your relocation team from beginning to end. If moving locally, cross-country or internationally, Corrigan Moving is ready to move you. Contact us soon!

*Booked moves only. No cash value. Free used boxes limited to availability of the local Corrigan Moving office. Your sales representative or move coordinator can provide additional details.
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