September 28, 2023

Long Distance Moving: How Do Van Lines Work?

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Moving across long distances can be a complicated and demanding endeavor. Luckily, van lines simplify this process, and Corrigan Moving Systems, one of the leading agents for United Van Lines, is standing by to make your long-distance move easy. Having an understanding of how major van lines function will provide a deeper sense of calm for your imminent long distance move.


How Van Lines Simplify Long-Distance Moves

Van lines are an essential component of the modern moving industry, offering comprehensive solutions for long-distance relocations. The core principle behind van lines is working together. These networks bring together a range of local, local moving companies, each giving its expertise to create a smooth and efficient move for clients. Van lines consist of hundreds of independent, privately owned moving companies. Van lines establish criteria and standards that every local moving companies, also called "local agents", must follow in order to uphold their status with the van line.

If you're moving locally in Ann Arbor or within the state of Michigan, then your move would be completely managed by your local agent. If you are moving to another state, then van lines establish the rules related to that interstate move. This includes rates, available dates, and transit times. Local agents, such as Corrigan Moving Systems, follow all regulations and standards established by the van line on all interstate moves.

1. Consultation and Planning

Your move with a van line starts with a comprehensive consultation. Here at Corrigan Moving Systems, our professionals work closely with you to comprehend your specific needs, preferences, and the schedule of your move. This valuable information forms the bedrock of a tailored moving plan, carefully tailored to your needs. Your sales rep and move coordinator are employees of Corrigan Moving Systems, though they will adhere to and follow policies set by United Van Lines for interstate moves.

2. Packing and Loading

Once the plan is arranged, our highly skilled crew takes over. They meticulously pack your belongings using high-quality supplies to ensure they arrive at your new home in perfect condition. Packing is an art, and our skilled movers handle it with great care and precision. Loading is another vital step, and our pros excel at safeguarding your belongings for the journey ahead.

3. Transportation

Transportation is where the strength of van lines becomes evident. With a vast fleet of properly maintained trucks and a network of agents strategically located across the country, we can smoothly transport your items to your new home, whatever the distance. Timeliness and the safety of your items are our main priorities. Your driver might work for Corrigan Moving Systems or for another United Van Lines agent. All drivers within United Van Lines provide the same high standards of quality.

4. Delivery and Unpacking

Upon reaching your new destination, our dedicated team unloads your items with the same care and concern that was applied during the packing process. Should you need it, we can also Take care of the unpacking process, helping you settle into your new home smoothly.

5. Post-Move Support

Our dedication to your move doesn't end once your belongings are unpacked. We remain accessible to provide any ongoing support you may need. Whether it's answering questions about your move, assisting with surprise issues, or offering advice on settling into your new community, our support is just one call away.


United Van Lines: A Trusted Name

United Van Line Agent in Ann Arbor, MI

Among the renowned van lines, United Van Lines stands out as a recognizable name in the moving industry. Known for its dependable services and efficiency, United Van Lines brings years of expertise to your long distance move. As dedicated agents for United Van Lines, Corrigan Moving Systems upholds the same high standards of professionalism and expertise.


Why Choose United Van Lines Through Corrigan?

  • Experience

    : With a history dating back to 1929, Corrigan Moving Systems has an extensive knowledge of the moving industry and understands how to succeed.
  • Quality

    : Our commitment to excellence is evident in providing outstanding services. As agents for United Van Lines, we maintain their rigorous standards, ensuring your move is executed with the highest professionalism and dedication.
  • Peace of Mind

    : With United Van Lines and Corrigan, you can rest assured that your long distance move will be seamless and stress-free. We're dedicated to making your journey to a new home a great experience from start to finish.

Additional Benefits of United Van Lines

In addition to the essential upsides of choosing United Van Lines, there are numerous other remarkable benefits that set this famous van line in a league of its own.:

Nationwide Coverage

United Van Lines has a vast network of agent and collaborators across the United States. This extensive coverage ensures that your move is not limited by geographic limitations. Whether you're relocating to a thriving metropolis or a serene countryside, United Van Lines has you in good hands.

Advanced Technology

United Van Lines leverages cutting-edge technology to improve the moving journey. From real-time tracking of your goods to online resources that streamline the planning process, you can anticipate a smooth and innovative move.

Comprehensive Services

Whether you need specialized handling of fragile items, vehicle shipping, or temporary storage solutions, United Van Lines has a comprehensive range of assistance to meet your unique requirements. Your move is personalized to your requirements exactly.

With the combined strength of United Van Lines and Corrigan Moving Systems, long distance moving is easy. Say farewell to stress and hello to a trouble-free transition to your new home. Get in touch with us now to start planning your next move and enjoy the assurance that comes with moving experts who are dedicated to your successful move.

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