December 23, 2022

How to Prepare for your Post-Holiday Move

The holidays in Ann Arbor are filled with family, friends, and warmth. There’s nothing better than spending time enjoying cherished traditions and meals with those you love. If this is the final holiday season in your current house, you’re probably feeling bittersweet. Every Ann Arbor moving company will share the same thing - moving is a huge adjustment. But if you are moving right after the holidays end, the season of giving may quickly transition into a season of stress! Luckily, prepping for the holidays and your upcoming move can be easy if you take some time to prepare properly.


Get Organized

Taking the time to get organized now will save you immeasurable time and stress when your moving company arrives! We’re sharing tips to stay organized and on track this holiday season:

  • Print off a calendar that you’ll only use for moving tasks. Circle your move day. Counting backwards from that day, make a draft outline of all major tasks and things to pack. Making a timeline gives you a sense of accomplishment and keeps you from getting behind in the hustle and bustle of December.
  • If you are receiving a lot of boxes from packages and online shopping, save them! Use these boxes for packing your items. If your boxes arrive with bubble wrap, peanuts, noodles, paper or some other packing materials, keep them! They work well to provide more protection and support for your breakable décor pieces.
  • Get lots of markets, boxes, tape, etc. With all your moving supplies handy and kept together will allow you to be ready at a moments notice if you are inspired to pack anything!



Opening that dusty box and seeing sentimental decorations for the first time in a year is an exhilarating feeling. It’s officially the holidays! Getting out our favorite ornaments, keepsakes or decorations fills us with nostalgia and excitement for the coming season. But as you are starting to decorate, the time is right to think about how you will take it all down. Not to skip over the festivities of the holiday season, but you’ll want to be more prepared than in other years for how you’ll repack your decorations. Your fragile ornaments, snowglobes, and keepsakes are usually kept in sturdy storage boxes that sit in your basement or attic. But are they secure and ready to be moved? Do not create additional work for yourself when the season ends. Getting a plan in place for how you’ll take down and then pack your holiday décor will save you time and trouble when prepping for your move. Here are some general tips:

  • When putting away your Christmas tree, make sure to have packing supplies handy. Carefully wrap your ornaments and breakable décor with tissue paper or blank newsprint before placing them into a dish pack.
  • Garlands and wreaths pack great into wardrobe boxes!
  • Menorahs and kinaras should be wrapped carefully with tissue or newsprint, then packed into a book carton, or inside of a dish pack with comparable decorations.
  • Wardrobe boxes are fantastic to pack artificial Christmas trees. Put two on top of each other for taller trees!


Holiday Meals

While the family snoozes away in tryptophan bliss, use this time to wash and pack any seasonal plates and servingware. If you have seasonal cutlery, casserole dishes, or sets of china, immediately packing them after washing is a great timesaver. Those items are only used once a year, just properly pack them for moving right away!



There are several things to ponder when thinking about any new purchases or gifts. If you are moving just after the holidays, you’ve probably already had your moving company give you an estimate, this may be based on time or weight depending on your move. If you received or given any larger gifts that might impact your estimate, make sure you contact your moving company as soon as possible. There could be extra costs, services, or special disassembly for more or less weight or time than initially estimated. Some common gifts requiring extra care are:

  • Stationary bikes and treadmills - especially ones with video screens, these are hot holiday gifts! However, because of their size and servicing necessary to secure the electronic components, you will want to notify your moving company if you’ve gotten one of these!
  • Game tables – ping-pong tables, pool tables, and poker tables might add weight and time to your move. If you own a slate pool table, that will necessitate special service before it’s moved. It will also need refelting after the move.
  • Lithium batteries- hover boards, power tools, even cameras often use lithium batteries these days. Though moving companies can typically move these batteries without concerns, you will want to be sure the battery is properly disconnected and stored. Lithium batteries can’t be shipped by air, if you are moving internationally.


Bonus tip: If you’ve been given access to your new home ahead of the holidays, you could consider having friends and family ship your gifts to your new place. That would prevent your moving company from having to handle them, preventing the need to modify your estimate.


Get nostalgic

While your current home is still nicely decorated, take pictures, make festive treats and really enjoy all your favorite traditions. You’ll be glad you’ve saved these photos and memories to enjoy for years. Having a farewell holiday party is also another wonderful send-off. Send invitations to neighbors and friends you will not see as often after you move for one final holiday feast.


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