June 19, 2023

How to Acclimate Your Kids During a Summer Move

Moving with kids 

Summer is a popular time for families to move, and it can be an exceptionally exciting new experience for kids. With school out, children have more free time to discover and make new friends in their new neighborhood. However, the process of moving can make children feel anxious by the transition. If you're planning a move with your family this summer, it's essential to take steps to adapt your kids and make the move as seamless as possible. Before you start contacting Ann Arbor’s packing and moving companies, consider these methods to ensure your whole family will happily acclimate after your forthcoming move.


Be Honest About the Move

Don't try to minimize the move or make it seem like it's no major change. Kids are perceptive, and they'll know if you're not being honest with them. Have a conversation with them and discuss why you're moving and answer any questions they have. Be sure to openly communicate before reaching out to packing and moving companies in Ann Arbor, in case you start receiving advertisements or marketing materials from these packing and moving companies.


Maintain Some Normalcy

Even though you are moving, it's important to make an effort to maintain some sense of normalcy for your kids. Continue their regular routines as much as possible, such as bedtime, homework, and family dinners. This will help them feel more grounded during a time of change.


Involve Your Kids in the Moving Process

One of the best ways to help your kids feel more at ease with the move is to involve them in the process. Let them participate as you choose a new home, decide on the layout of their new bedrooms, and select new décor and furnishings. When kids feel like they have a say in the move, they may be genuinely excited about it.

You can also ask your kids to help you organize their playthings and garments, or give them the task of marking boxes with the room they belong in. For younger children, maybe the task of coloring on the boxes, sketching pictures for the Ann Arbor packing and moving companies' crew, or simply writing their initials on the box might be enough for them to feel important to the move. This will not just give them a sense of belonging over the move but also help them feel like they are making a valuable contribution to the family's effort.


Research the New Community Together

Before you move, allocate some time researching your new community together. Look for community events and local landmarks that might interest your kids, such as playgrounds, museums, and sports teams. You can also research the schools in the area and engage your kids when making these decisions. Your kids will likely feel increased enthusiasm about the move and offer them something to eagerly await.


Take Advantage of Summer Activities

Before you move, dedicate some time investigating your new community together. Look for local events and attractions that might be interesting to your kids, such as parks, museums, playgrounds, and local sports teams. You can also investigate the schools in the area and involve your kids in the process of choosing the right school. Your kids will likely feel more excited about the move and anticipate the new experiences ahead.

Making new friends 

Make New Friends

Moving to a new neighborhood means that your kids will need to find new buddies. This can be difficult, especially if they are shy. Additionally, more effort is necessary in the summer while school is out, since kids don’t have the opportunity to get to know children their age as conveniently during this time of the year.

One way to help your kids form new friendships is to enroll them in summer camps or other activities in the new area. You can also encourage your kids to get involved in community sports teams, art classes, music classes, or clubs. This will not only help them build social connections but also give them a sense of belonging in the new community.


Keep a Positive Attitude

Moving can be quite overwhelming, but it's important to keep a positive outlook and optimistic throughout the process. Kids often look to their parents for cues on how to feel about a situation, so it's vital to model a positive attitude. Try to focus on the benefits of the move, such as experiencing a new community and forming new friends. This will promote a sense of more excited and optimistic about the move. Working with a reputable and professional Ann Arbor packing and moving company can positively impact to ensuring a positive attitude!


Enjoy Long Weekends

Make the most of summer holidays and utilize the extra time to your advantage! Spend that time travelling around your new community, discovering new places, exploring museums, parks, beaches, or other little vacations. This can help destress and create lasting memories during this time of transition.


Stay Connected

Moving can be tough, especially if your little ones are leaving behind friends they have known for a considerable time. Encourage your kids to keep in contact with old friends through calls, video calls, and social media. This can help ease the transition and make it easier for your kids to settle in to their new community.


Partner with a Reliable Ann Arbor Packing and Moving Company

Choosing the right Ann Arbor packing and moving company can help make the move less stressful for the whole family. When the adults in the home can depend on a well-established packing and moving company, the whole home can have a sense of security. Not having to worry about small details and leaving it to the experts to take care of the major tasks will provide extra quality family time during the move.

At Corrigan Moving Systems, we appreciate the importance of family and ensuring that every family member is happy throughout the transition. As a family owned and operated Ann Arbor packing and moving company with 90+ years of experience, you can rely on our guidance and expertise to help you navigate throughout the process. Get in touch with us today and see why Ann Arbor families have chosen Corrigan Moving Systems over all other packing and moving companies for nearly a century!

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