March 11, 2024

How Ann Arbor Local Movers Safeguard Your Specialty Items

How Ann Arbor Local Movers Safeguard Your Specialty Items
When orchestrating local moves, securing specialty items and fragile possessions emerges as a notable concern for Ann Arbor people embarking on a journey to their new home. Whether it's cherished family heirlooms, valuable antiques, or fragile artwork, these belongings often hold irreplaceable sentimental and monetary value, highlighting the need for care and meticulous attention during the moving process. Entrusting the task to experienced Ann Arbor local movers can give you crucial peace of mind, guaranteeing your beloved possessions safely arrive at their destination.

Continue for tips to ensure fragile items are handled safely by your local movers:

  1. Communicate with Your Movers: Give clear directions to your local movers relating to the delicate possessions that require special handling during your initial in-home or virtual survey. Communicate any detailed instructions or concerns you have about these items to make sure they receive the appropriate care during the move.
  2. Use Proper Packing Materials: Invest in proper packing materials, like sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and protective foam peanuts, to protect delicate objects during transit. Avoid using newspaper to wrap breakable objects, as the ink can transfer, causing damage. Blank newspaper or tissue paper are great for protecting your breakable pieces.
  3. Pack Delicate Items Separately: Pack breakable items separately from other possessions to ensure they arrive intact. Use enough cushioning materials, like bubble wrap or packing paper, to give extra protection. Be sure that delicate items are packed inside of a dish pack box, as those are twice as strong as standard boxes and made to hold fragile belongings of different dimensions.
  4. Label Boxes Clearly: Clearly tag boxes containing breakable items as "Fragile” to inform your movers to handle them with care. Additionally, think about using colored stickers or tape to distinguish these boxes further from others.
  5. Pack Fragile Items Vertically: When preparing delicate possessions like plates or picture frames, pack them vertically rather than laying them horizontally. This minimizes the risk of breakage during transit.
  6. Secure Items Inside Boxes: Ensure that delicate belongings are packed securely inside boxes and remain stable during transit. Use packing materials like sweaters, towels, or crumpled paper to fill any empty spaces and provide additional protection.
  7. Consider Custom Crating: For exceptionally fragile or valuable items, consider investing in custom-built wooden crates to offer      optimal protection during transit. Your Ann Arbor local movers can help you in arranging for custom crating services if required.
  8. Inform Movers of Special Considerations: If there are any items with special handling instructions, such as delicate tech equipment or valuable artwork, make sure to inform your local movers in advance. They can take the needed steps to make sure these belongings are transported safely.
  9. Inquire About Valuation: Liability can be different from state to state, so consult your Ann Arbor local movers about the liability of packing belongings on your own vs. having the local movers pack for you. Also, you want to understand the level of coverage you have for belongings you aren’t packing in case something is damaged during transport.

Corrigan's Approach to Handling Delicate Items During Local Moves

Ann Arbor Local Movers Safeguarding Your Specialty Items 

As a full-service Ann Arbor moving company, Corrigan provides a full suite of services designed to streamline every dimension of your move. From professional packing and loading to transportation and unpacking, our local Ann Arbor movers handle all the arrangements with care and expertise, letting you to concentrate on the anticipation of starting anew in your new home.

Our approach to handling breakable items during local moves is focused on personalized service and careful attention to detail. Our expert Ann Arbor team will work closely with you to develop a bespoke moving plan that accounts for your specific needs, ensuring a effortless and worry-free transition to your new home. We recognize the individual challenges and considerations involved in preserving your specialty items and delicate possessions, and we take pride in our ability to adapt our offerings to meet your specifications.

Corrigan has a vast network of third-party Ann Arbor professionals that we partner with consistently and trust. These third-party companies provide services that Corrigan can’t, like custom crating highly-valuable artwork or dismantling a marble statue for secure handling. These local relationships mean that Corrigan is never experimenting with your precious items. If something is beyond our area of expertise, we can organize all necessary services for you, and our local movers work in tandem with third-party companies to guarantee proper handling of all items and the move plan executed perfectly.

When it comes to protecting your specialty items and fragile possessions during a move, trusting the task to experienced local movers like Corrigan Moving Systems can provide invaluable peace of mind and assurance. With our tradition of excellence and commitment to individualized service, we are dedicated to making your relocation experience as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can turn your moving dreams into a reality and embark on this exciting new chapter together.
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